• Archy is a great trainer. He loves what he does which make the sessions focused and fun. It's been like going to the gym with a friend who just happens to be really knowledgeable about training, health and nutrition.

    I've worked with other trainers before but the main thing about training with Archy, that has led to better results is that he doesn't just tell you which exercises to do next. He helps you establish longterm, holistic health habits. During our first meeting, he gave me a crash course on the human body, diet, nutrition and how it all specifically related to my body and my goals. Armed with that information, I've seen faster gains then I had with previous trainers. In about 3 months, I've steadily lost weight while gaining muscle. It's all because of Archy's efficient workout sessions and knowing now what to do outside the gym, in my daily life to promote good health.

    dc personal trainer
    • Fred G.
  • I don't think there are enough superlatives to describe what a wonderful person and trainer Archie is. I met Archie about 3 years ago, and trainer with him for about a year and a half. During this period i met and surpassed all of my fitness goals, and equally importantly to me, I made a true friendship. Always grateful to Archie for everything.

    dc personal trainer
    • Aj Jaiyeola
  • I am really happy to write this review about Archie and the way his method works out. He is extremely accurate into pinpointing the areas that you need to built upon, and his methods along with the dietary tips,helps to completely transform your body to a way that you would never being able to achieve on your own. Before I knew him my weight was 265 pounds and rising. With his systematic workout and dietary discipline I am now bellow 200 pounds and extremely happy for myself that I found the right person for the right job!!!!!!!!

    dc personal trainer
    • Andreas
  • I see Archi twice a week for the past 2 months. During this time period I have been able to lose 18 pounds. His approach is comprehensive including physical training, nutrition and a solid motivator. Archi has set realistic goals and makes sure I work hard to achieve them. I came to Archi as several friends of mine also train with him and I have witness their transformation. I am happy to say that I am now my own transformation and I owe it mostly to Archi. Thank you!

    dc personal trainer
    • Inigo S.
  • I never understand why someone would hire a trainer who looks like they ate the previous trainer who held the position. My goal was to be in the best shape of my life. And who would be a better person to guide me than a national champion. Arkadiy (Archie) is a great personal trainer in large part because he is an excellent teacher. His personal training sessions have taught me how to create a varied and effective workout. Archie consistently explains why we're doing what we're doing. He is very proactive too! He provides good information about healthy diets that is useful in everyday situations. Most importantly, Archie is just a cool guy, who is easy to talk to, and makes you feel very comfortable. His customized approach, attention to your form, and motivational style make him a great choice for anyone interested in living a more healthy lifestyle. In addition to fitness, Archie is an expert in nutrition; helping me take the steps to build healthy habits for the long-term.

    Archie has changed not only my body but also my own expectations of what my body can accomplish. Whether you are a couch potato who's never touched the doorknob of a gym or a seasoned professional athlete, you will not do better than Archie if you are willing to put the work in with him. If you're serious about reaching your fitness goals, Archie will make sure you get there. I highly recommend him!

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    • Bobby C.
    • 41
  • I have been working out with Archi over the last 4 months and I can tell you that i have seen the result of hard work in my body. Archi is a passionate health professional who will get you to your fitness goals with velocity. He is extremely knowledgeable about health and physical training and he's very creative with exercises that have full body engagement so that you are maximizing the time spent working out. Archi is the best trainer I have ever worked with (hands down). He kept me motivated and helped me to build muscle and stay fit. If you are looking to complete a triathlon, gain muscle, drop fat, run faster, jump higher or achieve some other goal you have always wanted to realize then Archi is the guy you want to work out with.

    dc personal trainer
    • Juan R.
  • I'm really glad to be writing a review for Arkadiy ("Archie") who has been my personal trainer for many months. Archie is very good at what he does, which is put together holistic programs that help his clients achieve their strength, endurance, and body-building goals. At the same time, he's also very knowledgeable and up-to-date about nutrition, supplements, and how these interact with exercise programs. It appears to me that his clients, both men and women, come from all age groups, and range from those who simply want to lose weight and become more healthy through physical exercise and strength training (like myself), to serious athletes who need specialized attention.

    Importantly though, Archie is also a genuinely nice guy, easy-going and friendly. This means he's always patient, has a smile on his face, he's always in a good mood, and he's always very positive. I also found it very easy to schedule or re-schedule our workout dates or times on very short notice - he's always been very flexible in that regard, which is important when you're a busy professional.

    But it doesn't end there - Archie is also very good about providing tips and suggestions after-hours, for example by texting me a photo of something nutritional and tasty that he found at Whole Foods and that he thinks I might like, or a link to an interesting TED talk that's relevant to what we've been talking about, etc. And so in short, this ex-bodybuilding champion is pretty much a superb personal trainer and I'm sure he'll be a relentless cheerleader of your success, just like he's been of mine!

    dc personal trainer
    • Ben C.
    • 50
  • Make no mistake, Archie is the real deal. He is incredibly knowledgeable, has a wonderful personality, and will push you beyond your mental and physical limits. He literally transform my body within a six months. When we started I had a 28 percent of body fat. Six months later it went down to 5.5 , something i could never dreamt of !!! Add to that that he can teach you exactly how to get your nutrition under control, and teaches me some tricks which makes my diet so much easier.

    The best part about working with Archie is that he is hilarious and always insightful. He keeps me always laughing, and adds a fun element to every workout to keep me motivated and working at my peak.

    Don't even think twice.

    dc personal trainer
    • Viktar K.
  • 22lbs and 11% fat lost in 3.5 months!

    Arkadiy (Archi) has had an incredibly positive impact on my life. I've been working with Archi for the last three months, after my weight had started to get out of control and I needed a kick start back to health. After growing up as the skinny kid who could eat anything and never had to work out, I gained about 30lbs over the last three years. I never learned to work out, and have always been a bit nervous in gyms.

    Archi has a great personality, and he helped me feel comfortable in the gym, which was really important to me. In addition, he makes our workouts feel fun, and needless to say, he's helped me get results I want! Finally, because I travel a lot for work, it was really important to me that my trainer could teach me how to use the equipment, so that when I'm traveling, I can do the same (or similar) workouts at any hotel gym. I was a bit skeptical about taking a solely weightlifting approach to working out when we first started, but the results I've had have really proven to me that it works!

    Archi has also been really helpful on consulting me on my diet. Again, I had never had to think about food until recently, and the way he has walked me through how to stay on track with my diet (even when traveling and living out of hotels) has been really helpful, and I think a major part of the success I've had.

    I'm excited to see my results after the next several months! I can't recommend Archi enough!

    dc personal trainer
    • Steven H.
  • Archi is so wonderful to train with. His knowledge about nutrition is what has helped me get into the best shape of my life at the age of 35. So many of my friends as me how I did it. I owe this to Archi's expertise with recommending the right diet and exercise for me. All I had to do was follow his direction and I immediately saw results. I was an instant believer after just a few weeks of meeting him and dropping 10 lbs.

    He is very easy to work out with and makes going to the gym fun. I am very small (95 lbs) and he doesn't try to overload me with weights, but keeps it at a difficult, yet workable pace. I appreciate his attention to my form and how he always corrects me if I am doing it incorrectly. Overall, Archi is the best trainer I've had over the past 20 years and I really owe my body development and happiness to him.

    dc personal trainer
    • Alex T.
  • I have been training with Archi for almost six months now and my body has never undergone a transformation as drastic. My body is in the most aesthetically pleasing shape it has ever been and has given me the confidence I desired to pursue a modeling career (part-time). At the reasonable price Archi offers training, I consider my training with him to be one of the best deals I ever scored.

    Previously, I had been a high school and college athlete involved in swimming and tae kwon do. After college I was left in that awkward post-athlete fitness limbo. I no longer had the opportunity of relying coaches spoon feeding me training and nutrition sets, and I lacked the resources and confidence to find solutions independently. As a result, my body degraded and I was left at 185 pounds with 27% body fat at my worst.

    That was the point I knew I needed to change. I recently moved to DC for work and immediately went to find a trainer that could use athletic background and discipline to help me reach me goals. I found Archi and he made it clear the path to my personal fitness goals would not be easy. He walked me through, step-by-step, the nutritional and training requirements he foresaw to achieve my goal, and offered background information sources to lay a foundation to my own independent research and understanding of fitness.

    The first month went smoothly. I had rapid fat loss and weight drop due to the nutritional changes I made mixed with altered fitness regimens. My the end of the first month I was 10% body fat at 172 lbs. This progress abruptly halted my month 2/3 where the body fat loss stopped at 6% and I was whittled down to 165 lbs. I was hungry, tired, and frustrated beyond belief. But, Archi encouraged sticking to my plan by explaining, bluntly, this is how it works. This would be the hard part of the training and if I wanted to reach my goals I need to suck it up and power through it. He offered small tricks to help ease the struggle, but the process was still a challenge overall. By month 4 I had thought I had plateaued, maintaining 6% body fat, but in reality I was gaining muscle as evidence by my gaining weight (170 lbs).

    I finally had breakthrough in month 5 reaching 5% body fat and resting at 173 lbs. My abs began to show, my arms were visibly defined and larger, and I was no longer craving junk foods or large portions. My body was finally reaching a steady state towards my goal. I'm in month 6 now and have continued to build muscle sitting at 5% body fat and 176 lbs. I am aware that I need to maintain a high level of workload to maintain this figure long-term, and it is not easy some days. However, Archi's constant encouragement and willingness to support my progress by whatever means necessary gives me great confidence that I will reach a steady state at my desired fitness level.

    Overall, I have loved my experience working with Archi. Is it easy? No. Archi can't give you the motivation and determination to reach your goals. He can only give you the tools to help you achieve your desired fitness level, with helpful reminders and tips during those hard times. If you have the motivation to truly change your body, and the means to afford a trainer, I highly recommend Archi to get you to your dream fitness level.

    dc personal trainer
    • Edward H.
    • 25
  • Hi, I am forever grateful to Archie since he's a wonderful trainer and a life coach. I stumbled on Archie while I couldn't find my ways amongst the intimidating machines at the gym. Archie provided great guidance since the first day I met him even when I was not his client. Archie's love and passion for his career are very apparent in his everyday interactions with the general public. He wants you to be healthy and happy.

    I just started this weight loss challenge at work and was so fortunate and happy to meet Archie who gave me the extra boost and gave me confidence that I could achieve my goals and succeed. He believed in me when my the people closest to me didn't know how to. At the end of the journey, I had lost close to 50 lbs. It gave me the happiness, focus and new life that I was looking for. For these and many other reasons, I would recommend Archie since he cares about you and your goals, not your $ like most other trainers I have met. He'll meet you where you are but will push you to new limits without you panting and suffering.

    dc personal trainer
    • Sophie.
    • 36

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