Personal trainer

As your personal trainer, I can help you achieve your goals in the following areas:

  • Strenght Training

  • Bodybuilding

  • Senior Fitness

  • Posture Correction

  • Athletic Competition Preparation Plans

  • Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation

  • Toning

  • Nutrition

  • Weight Loss

About me

For my entire life, I have always been fascinated about fitness and how a person can dedicate themselves to building a healthier and stronger version of themselves. From my early childhood fascination with bodybuilding that lead me to win the national championships in Russia to studying to earn my BA in Sports and Science, I have always strived to find ways to help myself and others reach their fitness goals through nutrition and strength training.
I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years. Whether your goals are to become a competitive athlete like I was, to begin a weight loss program, to compete in a body building competition, or simply to become a healthier, stronger and more fit version of yourself, I can guide you to those goals. My passion is working with clients who are working to overcome significant challenges to reach their goals. My clients range from competitive distance runners who are trying to improve their conditioning and endurance to clients who are recovering from injuries or trying to mitigate age or weight-related conditions and improve overall fitness.
I first realized this passion to help clients who have the most significant challenges to getting healthier when I helped my mother lose 100 pounds to alleviate her weight-related high blood pressure through healthy eating and regular workout.
Personal trainer

Starting Weight - 182 Lb.

Body Fat - 32%

7 Months Transformation Weight - 159 Lb

Body Fat - 6%

Personal trainer

Starting Weight - 115 Lb.

Body Fat - 24%

4 Months Transformation Weight - 95 Lb

Body Fat - 14%

Personal trainer

Starting Weight - 210 Lb.

Body Fat - 23%

7 Months Transformation Weight - 161 Lb

Body Fat - 4.5%


I work at Bench Gym as an independent contractor. There is no membership at Bench Gym, no commitment!