Posture Correction

Posture, stability, and mobility are the blueprints of movement, energy, sexuality, and confidence. One’s mental and physical health is highly dependent upon appropriate connections and dependence on these blueprints of physical well-being.
The way my clients sit and stand reveals more to me about their bodies than they would otherwise believe. Muscular imbalances, tightness, and weak connections, can create a chain reaction throughout one’s body that manifest in many subtle ways.
For example, when your body is unbalanced, you will over-tire simply by having to correct yourself so that you can stand. If your shoulders are caved, for example by having to spend all day in front of a computer, your lungs will naturally compress, your body may not be able to take in enough oxygen, and your short and shallow breaths can send your body into an adrenaline “fight or flight” state! No wonder so many office workers and desk jockeys are chronically tired and suffers from panic attacks!
The only self-defense against such debilitating physical issues is maintaining a regimen of strength training, recognizing how imbalance in the body come into play, and building supporting muscle to combat the debilitating effects of modern life. Look, virtually no one is perfectly balanced – even I had to overcame many physical issues myself (we can talk more about that later!). But education, hard work, and experience, I have been able to help many clients achieve a state of physical balance in their lives. Helping my clients maintain such a balance is one of my greatest joys!